Click below to hear an interview with Stephanie Ledyard, author of the children’s picture book Pie Is For Sharing, and other titles. Enjoy!

Interview with Stephanie Ledyard

Click below to listen to a conversation with Dr. Elizabeth Smith, Professor at the Pace University School of Education. Dr. Smith and I are talking about the role of children’s literature in elementary classrooms. The target audience is primarily current and future educators, but there are tips for parents, grandparents and caregivers as well.

Conversation with Dr. Elizabeth Smith

Do you like pirates? If the answer is yes you won’t want to miss Dr. Toughlove interviewing New York Times bestselling author Melinda Long, author of the hilarious book How I Became a Pirate.

Conversation with Melinda Long

Click below to listen to the third installment of the “Dr. Toughlove’s Book Club” podcast – an interview with Alexis O’Neill, a renowned children’s book author who wrote the perennial favorite Recess Queen.

Conversation with Alexis O’Neill

Click below to listen to the second episode of the “Dr. Toughlove’s Book Club” podcast – an interview with Judy Finchler, the children’s book author of the Miss Malarkey picture book series.

Conversation with Judy Finchler

Click below to listen to my first podcast, featuring Debbie Levy, a New York Times best-selling children’s book author, and the author of the book, I Dissent.

Interview with Debbie Levy
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