Conferences and Presentations

I offer workshops and conference presentations to teachers/library media-specialists, administrators and aspiring children’s book authors. I have also served as a dinner speaker for local literacy organizations.

For Educators:

Using Picture Books to Promote Pro-social Skills

This half-day interactive workshop focuses on how educators can utilize picture books to enhance and promote pro-social skills. The goal for the session is two-fold: participants will learn how to be discerning about picture book selection with respect to strengthening social skills and will review specific strategies to conduct effective read-aloud sessions. The ideas discussed at this workshop are directly related to the content cited in your state’s ELA Curriculum. You can read a blog I have written about this topic here. Attendees will receive a copy of one of my books on the day of the workshop.

For Educators/Aspiring Children’s Book Authors

Publishing Children’s Books: A Writer’s Journey

This workshop/talk focuses on how the participants can write, publish and market a children’s picture book. During this session I describe and outline the journey from yearning to write a children’s book to making it happen. My books and promotional materials are shared. The workshop is interactive in nature, with ample opportunities for questions and answers.  A PowerPoint presentation will be projected and an accompanying handout will be provided. Following the session, participants will have an understanding of the following:

How to approach writing a children’s book.

How to find an illustrator (if one is needed).

How to publish and market a self-published book.

Please use the contact page of this website to inquire about fees and availability.